When John Stossel joined Fox Business Network and Fox News in 2009, it wasn’t because he had a job offer. “I went over and begged, ‘Please hire me. I can’t stand it anymore,’ ” said Stossel in an interview with the Heritage Foundation’s Rob Bluey.

Stossel said he left “because it sucked there.” He went on to describe a working condition where ABC “tolerated him for years” and “held their noses,” but by the end Stossel said he was looking for the closest door.

Stossel, a self-identified libertarian who spent nearly 30 years working on ABC’s 20/20 news magazine program, says that ABC was “hostile to these [libertarian] ideas that made us prosperous and I consider so important.”

Stossel also spoke about his book, “No They Can’t: Why Government Fails — But Individuals Succeed.”