“Internet activist Julian Assange is seeking asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. There is plenty of irony here. Assange, who leads an international campaign for transparency with his whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, seeks asylum in a country whose government regularly persecutes whistleblowers and the media,” writes Cato’s Gabriela Calderon de Burgos. (Cato)

“Obamacare is helping our nation achieve health care that is excellent, accessible to all and affordable. In the 17 months that I led the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), I saw how this law is helping tens of millions of families and is finally putting our health-care system on the right track,” writes CAP’s Donald Berwick. (Washington Post)

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that President Obama is not burdened with too heavy a commitment to honesty,” says AEI’s Jonah Goldberg. (National Review)

Don’t believe the hype about corporate political spending: “It simply isn’t the case, as is often alleged, that corporate dollars flowing into the super-PACs that have dominated this political season are undisclosed. And the inconvenient truth for critics of corporate political speech is that among the largest such committees spending money during the Republican nominating campaigns, less than 1 percent of the funds came from publicly traded corporations,” writes Manhattan Institute’s James P. Copland. (Washington Examiner)

Bipartisan Policy Center’s Byron Dorgan: A call to action: Don’t hang up on rural America. (Politico)

CFR’s John Bellinger III: Congress should review policies toward war-crimes court. (Washington Post)

Room for Debate asks: Is it a good goal for everyone in the world to have access to air-conditioning — like clean water or the Internet? Or is it an unsustainable luxury, which air-conditioned societies should be giving up or rationing? (New York Times)