Judd Legum on the background of the Trayvon Martin shooting: Opponents of Florida’s 2005 ‘Stand Your Ground’ law predicted ‘racially motivated killings.’ (ThinkProgress)

With the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Room for Debate asks: Does self-defense legislation like Stand Your Ground laws provide too much criminal immunity when innocent people are shot by someone who feels threatened? Or are these laws still needed to allow people to protect themselves? (New York Times)

Politico’s Arena asks: Should the Feds probe the Trayvon Martin tragedy in Florida? (Politico)

“Ryan’s budget will almost surely be passed by the House of Representatives, all but four of whose Republican members voted for his budget last year. But it will not pass in the Senate, whose Democratic majority, in defiance of legal requirements, did not produce a budget for the last two years and is poised to not pass one again this year,” writes AEI’s Michael Barone. (National Review)

CAP’s Matt Miller on the Ryan budget: Ryan’s path to nowhere. (Washington Post)

CFR’s Amity Shlaes: College parents can only watch as dorm-room door slams. (Bloomberg)

“While Obamacare took on the insurance sector and attempted to create ‘access’ for uninsured Americans and coverage for pre-existing conditions, it did so at great cost -- yet didn’t deal with the fundamental issues of delivery and payment reform that are so central to the current situation,” writes Manhattan Institute’s Rita Numerof. (Washington Examiner.

Victor Davis Hanson: Faith-based energy policy. (National Review)

AEI’s Michael Auslin: A split in China's leadership? (National Review)

Can Romney sway evangelical voters? “The Republican presidential primaries this year have turned into a religious census. There is little precedent in modern politics for the extent to which a state’s choice for a nominee has coincided so closely with how many of its ballots were cast by white evangelical voters,” writes Brookings’ E.J. Dionne. (Washington Post)