“The reason the Iowa caucuses should go (and so, too, New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary status) is simple: Who died and made Iowans pope?,” asks AEI’s Jonah Goldberg. (USA Today)

“Rep. Ron Paul is in a dead heat with Mitt Romney for first place in the Iowa caucuses. If he does pull out a win on Tuesday, Iowa Republicans will have chosen as their commander in chief a man who says it was wrong to kill Osama bin Laden,” writes AEI’s Marc Thiessen. (Washington Post)

The Republican candidates need to do something else besides throw money at the immigration issue, writes Cato’s Dan Griswold. (National Review)

Room for Debate continues the discussion on whether or not teachers are overpaid. (New York Times)

John Yoo makes the case for war against Iran. (National Review)

Victor Davis Hanson recount his relationship with Christopher Hitchens. (National Review)

CFR’s Steven Cook talks Egypt on PBS News Hour: