“Earth is not warming. According to Big Green enviros, only Luddites and lunatics would believe such a ludicrous statement,” writes Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Matt Patterson. (Washington Examiner)

“Ironically, not constructing the Keystone pipeline has the potential to increase environmental risk. The Keystone XL route foreclosed, the Canadians will build a pipeline to their Pacific coast and ship crude oil to China by tanker. Tanker spills are more frequent and destructive than pipeline leaks. Indeed, although the long-term trend in spills from all sources is sharply down, the spill rate from shipping oil by tanker is about six times higher than spills from offshore oil rigs or pipelines,” writes Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Mackubin Thomas Owens. (Washington Times)

“Killing the pipeline is a clear loser for the environment. The oil from Canadian tar sands isn’t staying in the ground. It’s heading overseas via tanker to China, where it will be refined under regulations far looser than ours. Every step of the way, the process is less “green” than the Keystone route,” writes Heritage’s Nicolas Loris. (New York Post)

“The Republican candidates are struggling fiercely with one another. But a candidate who concentrates less on denunciation and more on governing could have an advantage in the fall over an incumbent who is doing more denouncing than governing himself,” writes AEI’s Michael Barone. (National Review)

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