In the latest of the ongoing battle between the Cato Institute and Charles and David Koch, the Kochs are disputing a Washingtonian magazine characterization of the controversy with the libertarian think tank through a new Web site,

David Koch (Mark Lennihan/AP)

The site, which says it is “a presentation of facts on Charles Koch and David Koch’s position regarding the current dispute with the Cato Institute,” contains none of the documentation regarding the lawsuit that the Save Cato page on the Cato Web site does. As of this posting, it strictly contains Koch statements and one op-ed by a Koch-appointed Cato board member.

The response, naming no author and written in third person, was prepared by the Koch communication team, according to a Koch representative. It addresses what it says are inaccuracies in the article including the Cato shareholder agreement, the political leanings of the Koch brothers, Charles Koch’s board resignation and the November 2011 Dulles meeting.

According to the Koch response:

The Kochs have long been committed to an effective and non-partisan Cato that is independent from any individual. They fully support Cato’s mission as a principled institution that truly advances free societies.

Unfortunately, this article, written from the point of view of Cato’s CEO, Ed Crane, and his allies, lacks accuracy, fairness and balance.

According to a domain registration search, was registered Wednesday, but the owner of the domain is concealed. A Koch representative says the site is owned by the Koch brothers.