Lawfare, the blog founded in 2010 by Ben Wittes, Jack Goldsmith and Robert Chesney, needs a logo — and they’re turning to “crowd-sourcing” for the design.

The prize for the winning design? “One Very Limited Edition Lawfare T-Shirt and some other Lawfare swag,” writes Ben Wittes.

When I wrote about Cato’s decision to take to 99designs to bid out a logo competition for its project, for which the winner would be awarded $300, I heard from dozens of designers via e-mail and Twitter who were none too happy. According to the responses I received, the popularization of bidding systems, which require you to provide a complete design (or designs), means designers do all the work up front just for a chance to get paid for them.

Designers generally accept they have to compete, but it’s usually with specs and not a complete product. But this time around, it’s not even for pay. Lawfare may not be a money-making enterprise, but with these three individuals, aren’t there enough six figure salaries to at least match the Cato payout?