Intelligence Squared kicks off its fall debate series over the question of whether or not its time to end the war on terror. I’ll be live-blogging the debate between Peter Bergen and Juliette Kayyem on the one side and Michael Hayden and Richard Falkenrath on the other.

8:44: Final numbers...Pre debate: 41% For, 28% Against, 31% Undecided. Post debate: 46% For, 43% Against, 11% Undecided

8:33: Hayden and Falkenrath win the debate. Exact numbers to be posted shortly.

8:29: Audience members voting.

8:20: Closing statements begin.

8:12: Falkenrath asks Kayyem: Should Obama declare the war on terror over? Kayyem: It would be political suicide.

8:10: Audience members still unclear how Bergen and Kayyem define and end to the “war on terror.”

8:02: Kayyem: “War is not the correct way to describe what we are doing.”

8:00: Slate asked readers to submit questions: “Could you explain specific conditions you WOULD have to see to end war?”

7:57: Bergen cites some of the budgetary numbers affiliated with the war on terror governmental apparatus.

7:55: Audience member asks: How will ending the war on terror help the economy?

7:49: Audience member asks Kayyem and Bergen: What are the advantages to ending the “war on terror” as you define it?

7:47: Bergen: We’ve defeated our enemy and “it’s time to move on.”

7:45: Donvan asks Kayyem: If the war on terror is already over, then why do we need to end it?

7:43: Debaters arguing over what “War on Terror” means.

7:37: The legal debate that Hayden and Falkenrath have framed includes Kayyem, who is an attorney, but largely leaves Bergen silent.

7:33: Kayyem: War on terror goes beyond just the authorization of war by Congress.

7:30: Round 2 begins. Debaters responds to Donvan and questions from the audience.

7:28: Falkenrath calls Obama “tougher, sharper” in the war on terror than Bush, although their approaches are fundamentally the same.

7:25: Falkenrath: The war on terror is a legal doctrine and allows the U.S. to act legally against terrorism.

7:23: Falkenrath: The war on terror “is a very open ended concept.”

7:20: Falkenrath takes the podium.

7:18: Kayyem: Do not forget about the “dark side” of the war on terror.

7:16: Kayyem: Dealing with the terrorist threat is an ongoing concern, but the war on terror was an ideology.

7:12: Kayyem takes the podium.

7:10: If we take the legal tools off the table, we will not be able to keep America safe.

7:09: Hayden: Killing bin Laden was a lawful action.

7:08: Hayden: We will make the legal case for the war on terror.

7:05: Michael Hayden takes the podium.

7:04: Bergen: if we don’t end the war on terror now, then when?

6:54: Moderator John Donvon of ABC News takes the podium as moderator.

6:52: Jacob Weisberg discussing Slate’s new role in Intelligence Squared.