Center for American Progress blogger Matt Yglesias has announced that he will be leaving the think tank and returning to journalism at Slate Nov. 21.

Hi there folks. I’ve got an important announcement to make. I’ve been offered, and have accepted, an exciting new job opportunity with Slate where I’ll be blogging and column-writing (columnizing?) about economics, business, and economic policy as the latest incarnation of Moneybox. For regular readers — and especially people who’ve been with me through earlier changes of URL — it shouldn’t be too much of a wild disruption, though the content of the blog is going to become more focused on the Moneybox brief, which I think you’ll see is the general direction I’ve been heading in for a while now anyway.

Yglesias joined CAP in August 2008 after leaving The Atlantic as a blogger and associate editor. When asked why he was leaving the magazine for the think tank world, Yglesias said: “I think CAP is a great organization, I miss the sense of collegiality that comes from working with like-minded colleagues on a shared enterprise, I think I can help advance their mission and when it turned out they felt I could too and were willing to make me an attractive offer, I was thrilled to take it -- no beefs with existing employer required.”