This evening I’ll be live-blogging the Intelligence Squared debate again--this time on whether or not it’s the end of men.

Crazy? Here’s how Intelligence Squared put it:

In a modern, post-industrial economy that seems better suited to women than men, many are wondering if men have been permanently left behind. Education and employment statistics point to a clear and growing dominance in women’s status at home and in the workplace. Are men primed for a comeback or have the old rules changed for good?

For the motion:

•Dan Abrams, ABC News Legal Analyst and author of Man Down

•Hanna Rosin, Award-winning journalist for Slate and The Atlantic

Against the motion:

•Christina Hoff Sommers, American Enterprise Institute and author of The War Against Boys

•David Zinczenko, Editor-in-chief of Men’s Health Magazine

The debate begins at 6:45 and runs until 8:30. Slate, a new partner of Intelligence Squared, will webcast the debate.

For those not familiar with Intelligence Squared debates, based on the Oxford-style format, the audience votes before the debate begins on where they stand on the issue. At the debate’s conclusion, the audience votes again and the side with the largest percentage of gain wins.

Come back to Think Tanked at 6:45 and we’ll have our own discussion of the debate as it unfolds.