The Colorado shooting and ABC’s Brian Ross misreporting about Tea Party involvement: “And other conservatives, particularly tea-party members, have every right to be angry. The list of calumnies and distortions about them is too lengthy to recount here. They’ve been cast as dangerous, racist, fascistic, and murderous,” writes AEI’s Jonah Goldberg. (National Review)

“Much of the case against Romney’s business career involves whether or not Bain or its subsidiaries were involved in outsourcing. Now, I happen to think that free trade makes low-income Americans more prosperous by making goods and services less costly. I also think it’s great that people in developing countries can lift themselves up from poverty by selling stuff to us. My friends on the left oppose these things. Fine by me. That debate is outside the scope of this article. What I want to straighten out is another issue: Which of Bain Capital’s investments is it fair to hold Mitt Romney accountable for?” writes Manhattan Institute’s Avik Roy. (National Review)

Romney adviser says Obama doesn’t ‘fully appreciate’ our ‘Anglo-Saxon heritage.’ (ThinkProgress)

“Those who believe in the usefulness of government must be vigilant about making sure all its activities are vital ones, since the unnecessary ones undermine public confidence. With this in mind, Congress should now privatize the U.S. Postal Service,” writes CFR’s Peter Orszag. (Bloomberg)

Cato’s Ilya Shapiro and Matt Gilliam: Net Neutrality Violates the First and Fifth Amendments. (Cato)

Heritage's Michael G. Franc: Polls and party affiliation. (National Review)

Manhattan Institute’s Diana Furchtgott-Roth: The real war on women. (Washington Examiner)

Cato’s Michael Tanner: Obamacare: No free lunches. (National Review)

Room for Debate asks: Has Sarbanes-Oxley failed? After a decade, are there aspects that seem too onerous or too weak? (New York Times)