Mitt Romney aide tells reporters to stop asking questions: ‘Kiss my ass’ (ThinkProgress)

Marc Thiessen on the Obama gaffes Mitt Romney is exploiting: “The press had a field day with Mitt Romney’s Olympic gaffe in London. But the real story of Romney’s foreign trip is how the GOP candidate is deftly exploiting a string of foreign policy gaffes by President Obama that have damaged relations with two key U.S. allies — Israel and Poland.” (Washington Post)

Mitt Romney’s financial mysteries: “Pressure is mounting for Mitt Romney to release more of his financial records. Mr. Romney has made public only his 2010 tax returns and has said his 2011 documents will be released soon. “That’s all that’s necessary for people to understand something about my finances,” he said recently. He is “simply not enthusiastic,” he also said, about giving the Obama campaign “hundreds or thousands of more pages to pick through, distort and lie about,” writes Michael Graetz. (New York Times)

Republican congressman blasts GOP: Party caters to ‘extremes,’ is ‘incapable of governing’ (ThinkProgress)

Politico’s Arena asks: Could Bill Clinton’s convention appearance sink Obama?

Cato’s Gene Healy: Obama’s adventures in Africa: “It’s not clear that our expanded military presence in Africa serves any pressing U.S. national security need. But interventions have a way of generating their own justifications. Before long, “blowback” from African adventurism may generate new crises for this or a future administration to solve.” (Washington Examiner)

Room for Debate asks: Good shoppers, but bad citizens? (New York Times)

Colin A. Carter of University of California, Davis and Hoover’s Henry I. Miller: Corn for food, not fuel. (New York Times)