Is Mitt Romney the happiest person around? “The New Hampshire campaign was a race between Romney and a candidate called ‘expected.’ Would Romney do better than expected, worse than expected or about as well as expected? Answer: At 39 percent, he did about as well as expected. Enough to sustain his position as front-runner and presumptive nominee,” writes Third Way’s Bill Schneider. (Politico)

Politico’s Arena asks: Is Mitt Romney unstoppable? Woodrow Wilson Center’s Aaron David Miller responds. So does Brookings’ Darrell West.

Money well spent? “In the Iowa caucuses, a super PAC associated with Mitt Romney spent millions charging Newt Gingrich with ethical lapses and hypocrisy. Now a Gingrich-supporting super PAC plans to use a $5 million donation from a billionaire casino owner to accuse Mitt Romney of destroying jobs.” (New York Daily News)

Manhattan Institute’s Stephanie Hessler says Obama’s recent appointments violate his oath. (Washington Examiner)

“There has been for months a popular parlor game of tallying instances in which President Obama seems to have either ignored or simply bypassed federal law. But what started out as a way of exposing occasional hypocrisy is now getting a little scary,” writes Hoover’s Victor Davis Hanson. (National Review)

Room for Debate asks: Has Obama lost his zealous young supporters? (New York Times)

“No form of discrimination is acceptable, but it’s particularly appalling when tax money is used to fund it. It’s equally troubling — and particularly ironic — that the same people who engaged in discrimination are the professors who teach about its evils in the classroom,” writes Heritage’s Hans von Spakovsky on the University of Iowa’s law school. (Des Moines Register)

Showcase Hong Kong (National Review)