Mitt Romney’s support is stronger than the numbers indicate and he has a clear path to the nominations, but he’s still going to have to earn it, says AEI’s Michael Barone. (New York Post)

Politico’s Arena asks: Will Bain attacks on Mitt Romney fall flat? Brookings’ Darrell West answers. So does Center for Economic and Policy Research’s Dean Baker. And Woodrow Wilson Center’s Aaron David Miller does, too.

CFR’s Amity Shlaes: “Romney’s positions are more a medley of talking points derived from opinion-poll research than a single philosophy. Romney, who has now won the first two contests in this election, is a walking warning to Republicans that they had better back meek, logical compromise policies. In other words, as a candidate, he plays to fear.” (Bloomberg)

“Thanks to Mitt Romney and such well-known socialist intellectuals as Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich, the United States is about to have the big debate on the nature of modern capitalism that should have started back in 2008. The focus will be on whether some kinds of capitalism are bad for the system as a whole,” writes Brookings’ E.J. Dionne. (Washington Post)

“In a decade of policy experimentation at Guantanamo, some efforts have succeeded, some have failed tragically and some are still in process. But far more interesting than the past 10 years is what the next 10 will look like. And that subject seems oddly absent from the current conversation,” writes Brookings’ Benjamin Wittes. (Washington Post)

Gridlock isn’t the only reason Congress gets so little done; they spend too much time asking for money. (Politico)

Room for Debate asks: Will women get ahead by going back to school? (New York Times)

Is Cuomo wrong about food stamps? (New York Daily News)

Cato’s Pat Michaels: “By most accounts, “Government Motors” has stuck with the Volt mainly to please the Obama administration, which still owns a third of its stock in the wake of the 2009 government “rescue” of the company. But just how badly is the effort faring? Well, consider the 1,529 sold in December.” (New York Post)

Know what’s shovel ready? Defense. (National Review)