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Hoover’s Daniel Pipes on a Life book series from 50 years ago: “The Arab World emphatically represents an artifact from another era. While not entirely sugar-coating his subject matter, Stewart offers a benign, gauzy, patronizing approach that would gag even the most euphemistic writers today. For example, he suggests that a Western visitor to the Arabic-speaking countries enters “the realm of Aladdin and Ali Baba. The people remind him of his illustrated Bible.” One encounters little of this sentimentality in the age of al-Qaeda.” (National Review)

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Funding transportation: “The Obama administration and Congress appear unwilling to increase transportation investment by either higher federal motor fuels taxes or new forms of federal surface transportation user fees. So Congress needs to give states and metropolitan regions greater flexibility to increase user-related revenue — and then use these new funding streams to leverage greater investment from both public and private resources.” (Politico)

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