The New America Foundation has launched the California Civic Information Project (CCIP), which aims to bring better technology and policy to local governments in the state.

“The intersection of technology, policy and civic engagement is increasingly central to making local governments work for everyone,” said Alissa Black, CCIP’s director, in a statement.

“I’m excited to lead this project because local governments are at critical point in history — they are making difficult trade offs that impact the quality of life for residents,” said Black, who previously served as the government relations director of Code for America.

A primary goal of CCIP is to bridge the information and innovation gaps between municipalities by providing a forum for sharing successful innovative technologies. That translates to prioritizing open-source, needs-driven and inclusive approaches to civic engagement.

“I believe there is an enormous opportunity to share the best thinking from the public and private sectors so that our municipal decision makers are better informed and make equitable decisions for our communities,” said Black

The project, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, is financially supported by the James Irvine Foundation.