The New America Foundation has announced its 2013 class of Bernard L. Schwartz fellows.

The think tank draws from journalism, academia and policy circles to find fellows who offer “a fresh and often unpredictable perspective on the major challenges facing our society.”

The nine individuals (five men and four women), however, were overwhelmingly selected from the world of journalism, including journalists from the New York Times, AP and Time and Reason magazines.

In a September 2011 interview, New America Foundation President Steve Coll said that journalists have a unique advantage in policy analysis.

“We do publish our own scholarship to academic standards, with peer review and footnoting and the rest, and I’m proud of that work, but in this media age, I think you have to work through lots of channels at once,” he said. “Journalists know how to synthesize complex issues or research and communicate to wide and influential audiences.”

The fellows’ projects are also heavily focused on issues related to technology, a hallmark of the New America Foundation. The think tank has devoted significant resources to technology and policy, including the Open Technology Initiative.

The 2013 fellows will begin their appointments in September.

The New America Foundation also announced that Alexandra Starr has joined the think tank as an Emerson Fellow to research how U.S. immigration policies impact the nation’s economic competitiveness and entrepreneurship.

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