New America Foundation’s Rebecca MacKinnon has been named Hearst Professional-in-Residence for the Spring 2012 semester by the Columbia School of Journalism.

MacKinnon’s work at New America focuses on global Internet policy, free expression and the impact of digital technologies on human rights.

“Rebecca provides a strong and unique voice in the conversation about freedom of the press,” said Andres Martinez, director of the Bernard L. Schwartz Fellows program. “Her work at the New America Foundation has given an urgency to the issue of free expression and her leadership in this arena is exactly what we envision for our fellows.”

MacKinnon worked as a journalist for CNN in Beijing for nine years, serving as CNN’s Beijing Bureau Chief and Correspondent from 1998-2001 and then as CNN’s Tokyo Bureau Chief and Correspondent from 2001-03. In 2007-08 she served on the faculty of the University of Hong Kong’s Journalism and Media Studies Centre, where she taught online journalism and conducted research on Chinese Internet censorship.