Cato’s Gene Healy on Newt Gingrich: “Unfortunately, what’s going on here is not “very deep.” Gingrich’s rise represents the triumph of rhetorical style over substance. In a way, it’s the ultimate tribute to Barack Obama.” (Washington Examiner)

What Mitt Romney should have said in response to Bain attacks. (National Review)

AEI’s Jonah Goldberg on Newt Gingrich vs. Mitt Romney: “Right now Romney’s best hope is time, because history shows the only thing that can truly defeat Newtzilla is Newtzilla himself. The question is, is there time?” (LA Times)

Romney ‘proud of the fact’ that he pays ‘a lot’ of taxes, but his plan would cut his own taxes in half. (ThinkProgress)

Cato’s Julian Sanchez: The Megaupload chilling effects hit (Cato)

AEI’s Michael Auslin: “Does Detroit’s fate foretell the end of American democracy? In becoming the first major American city to die before our eyes, Detroit is the prime case study of the destructiveness of the traditional liberal model of governance, public-sector-union rapacity, and the abandonment of any sense of civic responsibility by a governing elite that feasted like Roman senators while their city burned. And as in late republican Rome, a dictator may be appointed before long in Detroit; this has happened already in four bankrupt Michigan cities, including Flint (population: 102,000). The question is whether today’s dictators are a necessary means to save otherwise irredeemable places or whether they foreshadow an end to democracy in America’s dysfunctional states and cities (and perhaps in the country as a whole).” (National Review)

Hoover’s Daniel Pipes: Don’t ignore electoral fraud in Egypt. (National Review)