“Despite losing Tuesday’s Florida primary, Newt Gingrich used his Sunshine State effort to showcase his voluntary 15 percent flat tax — 2012’s smartest idea yet, both strategically and substantively. Through the November 6 election, this concept can inoculate Republicans from the Democrats’ ceaseless lies about the wealthy “not paying their fair share” of taxes. And, if implemented, Gingrich’s prescription would reinvigorate America’s feeble economy,” writes Hoover’s Deroy Murdock. (National Review)

Mochizuki and O’Hanlon: Rethinking Okinawa military relocation. (Politico)

Room for Debate asks: Do unpaid internships exploit students? (New York Times)

AEI’s Michael Barone: Out-of-touch Obama. (National Review)

“We have seen the world created by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, and it doesn’t work. Oh, yes, it works nicely for the wealthiest and most powerful people in the country, especially if they want to shroud their efforts to influence politics behind shell corporations. It just doesn’t happen to work if you think we are a democracy and not a plutocracy,” writes Brookings’ E.J. Dionne. (Washington Post)

“In a series of articles last week, The Post chronicled how New York’s taxpayers continue to pay for the salaries and benefits of several bad — and sometimes downright dangerous — teachers for doing nothing all day. The school system pays these teachers not to teach because it lacks the tools necessary to fire them,” writes Manhattan Institute’s Marcus Winters. (New York Post)

Heritage’s James Carafano: Cyber storm warnings in Congress (Washington Examiner)