The “Newt surge” is misguided, at best because, “most of Gingrich’s policy ideas over the last decade have been tepidly conventional and consistent with the Big Government, Beltway Consensus,” writes Cato’s Gene Healy. (Washington Examiner)

Newt Gingrich has made Obama, not the other GOP candidates, his main targets in debates, writes AEI’s Jonah Goldberg. “The tactic works because the unifying conviction among hard-core Republican voters is that Obama is both overrated and full of it, a man pretending to be presidential and intellectual rather than the real thing (ironically, Gingrich has long been the subject of similar criticisms). Gingrich’s promise to goad Obama into a fair fight is beyond tantalizing.” (LA Times)

Ending the global war on drugs at Cato, Richard Pipes at Heritage plus other think tank events (Washingtn Post)

Room for Debate asks: What rights, if any, should felons lose upon conviction? (New York Times)

No good news from eurozone as debt crisis worsens. (Cato)

The GOP field’s saber rattling. (Politico)

“Insider trading is illegal — except for members of Congress. A Wall Street executive who buys or sells stock based on insider information would face a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation and quite possibly a federal prosecutor. But senators and congressmen are free to legally trade stock based on nonpublic information they have obtained through their official positions as elected officials — and they do so on a regular basis,” writes AEI’s Marc Thiessen. (Washington Post)