Appearing on Newsmax TV, Heritage Foundation President Edwin Feulner said President Obama is engaging in a thorough power grab, which threatens “the whole basic separation of powers” and is “stiffing” the House in the process.

“I think this president has done whatever he can, in every way, shape and form to gather more power unto himself and unto the people closest to him,” Feulner said. “Look what he did, for example, vis-à-vis the Senate with recess appointments.”

“So he’s not only after the Supreme Court. He’s after the whole basic separation of powers, the independent role that traditionally has been played in terms of Senate confirmation of appointees,” Feulner said. “I could come up with other examples of some of his rule-making authority, where he’s trying to take power away from the House — the Eric Holder business, right now, about Fast and Furious — and what he’s trying to do there in terms of really stiffing the House of Representatives.”

Feulner said he co-authored a new book, “The American Spirit,” with Heritage board member Brian Tracy, because they are “fundamentally optimistic” that the country can solve its current political and economic difficulties.

Feulner also discusses the Supreme Court hearings regarding the Affordable Care Act, conservative demographics, Scott Walker’s recall victory and what Mitt Romney needs to do for a presidential victory in 2012.