Presenting alternatives to ‘Obamacare:’ “On Wednesday the House of Representatives will vote to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. . . Not only is good health priceless, but one characteristic of American health care is that people who consume it don’t see prices, and they don’t know how much the service costs,” writes Manhattan Institute’s Diana Furchtgott-Roth. (Washington Examiner)

Some Republicans still insist that “Obamacare” is still unconstitutional. (ThinkProgress)

Roberts rules disorder: “First, Roberts stunned the American left, middle, and right on June 28 when he joined Court liberals and upheld the (un)Affordable Care Act — AKA Obamacare. . . Next, Jan Crawford of CBS News reported that Roberts originally voted to overturn Obamacare, but then performed a high-stakes, eleventh-hour backflip. In essence, Roberts cracked under public pressure from the Left. To date, neither Roberts nor anyone else has challenged Crawford’s jaw-dropping disclosures,” writes Hoover’s Deroy Murdock. (National Review)

Politico’s Arena asks: Is Eric Holder right on voter ID laws?

Heritage’s Peter Brookes: How Obama should lead on Syria. (New York Post)

CAP’s Tom Daschle and Brookings’ Ed Rendell: Northeast needs next generation’s rail tech. (Politico)

“In the face of a slow-motion fiscal train wreck, why would state lawmakers commit to spending $5.8 billion in state and federal funds on the first phase of a high-speed rail line that practically nobody wants in part of the state where practically nobody lives?” asks Manhattan Institute’s Ben Boychuk. (New York Post)

AEI’s Jonah Goldberg: Blame Barclays, not capitalism. (National Review)

Daniel Pipes and Cynthia Farahat: Egypt’s real ruler. (National Review)