Mitt Romney said Wednesday that a mandate in President Obama’s signature health-care law is “a tax,” contradicting a position his campaign staked out this week and belatedly getting in line with many other Republican leaders. (Washington Post)

Ezra Klein doesn’t care: “Confession time: I don’t care whether Mitt Romney thinks the individual mandate is a tax or a penalty. And you shouldn’t, either.” (Washington Post)

Politico’s Arena asks: Should governors act as a backstop against “Obamacare” by forgoing federal Medicaid funds? (Politico)

Wolfowitz and Palmer on the UN, Syria and Assad: “If the Obama administration believes that staying largely aloof and leaving others to provide the force behind the Syrian opposition is less risky than a more forceful engagement, let it make that case. But the administration should stop hiding behind the pretense that a negotiation with the butchers of Damascus can do anything but prolong Syria’s agony. The longer that goes on, the worse the aftermath will be. Syria will be more badly broken, with more bloody scores to settle and more power in the hands of the extremists whose specter is too often invoked to justify inaction.” (Washington Post)

Brookings’ E.J. Dionne: The Founders’ true spirit. (Washington Post)

Room for Debate asks: Who are directors working for, anyway? (New York Times)

AEI’s Michael Barone: Mexico’s quiet election. (National Review)