“Obamacare” after the Supreme Court decision: “If the new health care law wasn’t enough of a mess before last week’s Supreme Court decision, that ruling actually added another layer of cost, complexity and political contentiousness to the bill,” writes Cato’s Michael Tanner. (New York Post)

Third Way’s Bill Schneider: John Roberts’s verdict? Health care is not a right. (Politico)

“If ever there were an election preordained as a result of economic performance, it would be Mexico’s election on Sunday. The ruling National Action Party, or PAN, was destined to lose because it had presided over profound economic failure for 11 years. Almost any government in world would have lost under such circumstances,” writes CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot. (New York Times)

Cato’s Julian Sanchez: Misleading Congress on surveillance history (and why it matters). (Cato)

AEI’s Mark Perry: More shockingly good news from the shale gas revolution: CO2 emissions will likely fall this year to 1991 levels. (AEI)

Cato’s Gene Healy: Obama’s disaster-prone presidency. (Washington Examiner)

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