Obama’s place in the Trayvon Martin tragedy: Victor Davis Hanson says Obama inserts himself where he has no knowledge. (National Review)

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Politico’s Arena asks: Should the Supreme Court delay a decision on the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act? Brookings’ Darrell West answers.

“If the mandate were scrapped, it’s highly unlikely Congress would pass any kind of legislative fix. But Joseph Antos of the conservative American Enterprise Institute said the Health and Human Services Department could mitigate any impact through bureaucratic means, such as relaxing rules surrounding how much of an insurance company’s profits must be spent on delivering care (called the “medical loss ratio”).” (CBS)

Was FDR a tax dodger? (New York Post)

Room for Debate asks: Last week the Security Council, including Russia and China, issued a presidential statement calling for unspecified “further steps” if the Assad regime fails to commit to a cease-fire. And this weekend, concerned nations will meet in Turkey. What should be done next? (New York Times)

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