President Obama should focus his economic recovery plan more on business services than it should manufacturing: “This sector is large, pays well and is growing. Business services employ 25 percent of U.S. workers, more than twice as many as the manufacturing sector. The average business-service job pays about $56,000 a year — more than 20 percent better than the average manufacturing job. And over the past 10 years, business-service employment grew by more than 20 percent, while manufacturing employment decreased by more than 20 percent,” writes J. Bradford Jensen. (Washington Post)

President Obama has garners just as much apathy as the GOP candidates, argues AEI’s Jonah Goldberg.(National Review)

CFR’s Max Boot: “What is the logic behind the Obama administration’s policy toward Afghanistan? On its face, it makes no sense.” (LA Times)

Does Jim Pethokoukis think President Obama’s approval rating is hinged solely on oil prices? (AEI)

In his re-election bid, President Obama says he will rely on his foreign policy achievements, but “In common parlance, leadership abroad means something along the lines of identifying the U.S. national interest and enlisting foreign partners to join us in achieving it. What Mr. Obama means, however, is more or less the opposite,” write Doug Feith and Seth Cropsey. (National Review)

Is Mitt Romney a conservative on immigration? (National Review)

“Foreign military intervention in Syria offers the best hope for curtailing a long, bloody and destabilizing civil war. The mantra of those opposed to intervention is “Syria is not Libya.” In fact, Syria is far more strategically located than Libya, and a lengthy civil war there would be much more dangerous to our interests. America has a major stake in helping Syria’s neighbors stop the killing,” writes Anne Marie Slaughter. (New York Times)

“Nobody would ever advocate making personnel decisions through public posting of evaluations in the newspaper. The public release of value-added scores for more than 12,000 New York City teachers, set for Friday morning, should not be taken as a model for how to run the human resource departments of the schools,” writes Hoover’s Eric Hanushek. (New York Daily News)

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