Occupy Wall Street protesters can’t have jobs and the environment, says Manhattan Institute’s Diana Furchgott-Roth: “]T]he protesters’ environmental campaign directly contradicts another of their stated goals: jobs. They appear to be unaware that inexpensive energy, which they deride, gives America the possibility of creating the jobs demonstrators reportedly desire. Hundreds of thousands of jobs could be created through projects they revile, such as the Keystone Pipeline, which would enable the shipment of Canadian oil to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico - and hydraulic fracturing, a new method of extracting oil and natural gas, including from the shale in upstate New York. (New York Daily News)

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Victor Davis Hanson wonders what the protests across the Western world are all about and concludes hat “a smaller, older, and whinier West will just keep blaming others as their good life slips away. So it’s past time to stop borrowing to import energy and most of the things we use but have given up producing — and get back to competing in the real world.” (National Review)