Brookings’ E.J. Dionne tells Occupy Wall Street not to forget who they are. (Washington Post)

Afghanistan has and has not gotten more violent. (Politico)

Hoover’s David Brady and Tammy Frisby writing on the economy: “If you are looking for change – you’ll probably have to wait until right after the presidential election. In January 2013, the Bush tax cuts expire; the new 3.8 percent tax from the health care reform law kicks in, and the real costs of the health care reforms will become increasingly apparent. The president and new Congress will have to deal with these issues immediately on taking office.” (Politico)

Heritage’s Carafano says how Tuesday night’s GOP debate should go. (Washington Examiner)

Room for Debate asks: How can we prevent military suicides? (New York Times)

“Future city pensioners might wonder whether Comptroller John Liu, a guy who isn’t being up-front about his own funds, is being truthful about the disposition of their retirement benefits,” writes Manhattan Institute’s Nicole Gelinas. (New York Post)

AEI wants to know if Ben Bernanke and the Fed will bail out Europe. (AEI)

“Republicans are considering a surrender on taxes because they are afraid that a deadlock will lead to a sequester, which would mean automatic budget savings. And the sequester, according to these politicians, would “cut” the budget too severely,” writes Cato’s Dan Mitchell. (Cato)