If the Occupy Wall Street movement truly believes in its platform, they would be doing everything they can to make sure President Obama loses his re-election bid in 2012, writes American Enterprise Institute visiting fellow Jonah Goldberg at National Review.

Why? As Goldberg sees it, President Obama is “the most divisive figure in America today.”

Not only are the left and the right divided, but...

Even more significant, the left is deeply divided over Obama. According to reports, the Occupy Wall Street movement is torn over whether to support the incumbent president. Polling of the protestors is sketchy at best, but so far it’s pretty clear that most of the protestors liked Obama in 2008, and now roughly half of them are disillusioned by, disappointed in, or opposed to Obama.

That should only make sense, right? If Occupy Wall Street is a sincere, organic, grassroots movement for radical change and overturning the status quo, it can’t be 100 percent behind the guy who’s been running the country for the last three years.

Voting Obama out of office would require the Occupy Wall Street protestors to vote for the Republican candidate. But it was just last week that Goldberg took issue with one of his AEI colleagues who drew the conclusion after interviewing protestors at Zuccotti Park that they are “a bunch of people that are conservatives, they just don’t know it.”

The proposition that a prominent conservative think tank would suggest the Occupy Wall Street movement would be labeled conservative did not sit well among conservatives. This includes Goldberg, who wrote in a post responding to his AEI colleague that the movement was clearly leftist with a strong element of those who carry violent tendencies.

One needn’t call the full roll of speakers at Zuccotti Park and its sister protests to know that I am right. But when Francis Fox Piven, the American Communist Party, Slavoj Zizek, et al are being greeted with cheers or at least open arms or when surveys of actual protesters show that a third advocate violence to advance their cause, I for one do not find much solace in the fact that they’ve done yeoman work creating a water filtration system.

So then the question is: Does Goldberg now suggest that the Occupy Wall Street movement does, in fact, have conservative tendencies or is he suggesting they abandon their ideals for the anybody-but-what-we-have strategy in 2012?