Are Occupy Wall Street and corporate fat cats the same? (Washington Post)

Hoover’s Richard Epstein suggests Occupy Wall Street consider this: the 1% doesn’t need to pay higher taxes because of the gains they create for others--and close to half the population pays no tax at all. (Washington Examiner)

Is Newt like Churchill? (National Review)

“Each time lawmakers negotiate a cynical fiscal deal full of pretend holidays, they make the next deal -- square or round -- harder to seal. The best way to get public support for future reforms is to surprise everyone by honoring at least one of the old deals. Otherwise, it won’t be a pretty place we land in when we return from that cruise,” writes CFR’s Amity Shlaes. (Bloomberg)

“The most overlooked losers in Gov. Cuomo’s $2 billion tax-hike deal are Gotham’s commuters: Some $320 million of the tax hike will go to buying the state-run Metropolitan Transportation Authority freedom from accountability,” writes Manhattan Institute’s Nicole Gelinas. (New York Post)

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“That’s where the president is today. He ‘believes’ in ringing affirmations of progressive principles – equal opportunity, upward mobility, fairness. But he doesn’t have the grit to propose policies that could fix what ails us. Because he doesn’t have faith that he can get to 50 percent plus one if he did,” writes CAP’s Matt Miller. (Washington Post)