The Cato Institute has announced that Ohio State University political science professor John Mueller has joined the think tank as a senior fellow.

“Perhaps no other contemporary scholar has taken on the conventional wisdom in the national security arena with greater finesse and zeal than John Mueller,” said Christopher Preble, Vice President for Defense and Foreign Policy Studies at the Cato Institute. “As a senior fellow at Cato, John will be in a strong position to shape the policy debate within Washington and beyond through his counterintuitive arguments and accessible writing that is supported by original research.”

Mueller is no stranger to think tanks; he has held appointment at Brookings Institution, the Cato Institute, the Hoover Institution, as well as the Norwegian Nobel Institute in Oslo.

“I’m happy to join the Cato Institute, filled as it is with interesting people with unconventional ideas,” said Mueller. “It is a rare source of independent thought on a variety of important issues including ones on security, defense, and foreign policy--the areas I will be working in.”

Unconventional may be a high priority for Mueller. Ohio State lists his areas of expertise as: International politics, foreign policy, defense policy, public opinion, democratization, economic history, post-Communism, terrorism, musical theater, and dance history. Mueller has held a position in Ohio State University’s Department of Dance and has written an award-winning book on Fred Astaire’s dancing and scripts for two musicals.