Should Romney embrace outsourcing? “One wishes that Mitt Romney would display a bit of Friedman’s common sense in responding to the silly controversy over outsourcing at Bain Capital companies. Instead of defensive technical explanations about when he left the active management of Bain Capital, Romney should point out the central fallacy of Obama’s argument. Contrary to the president’s complaints, outsourcing is generally good for America,” writes Cato’s Michael Tanner. (National Review)

Defending Romney, outsourcing and Bain: “Was he or wasn’t he the head of the company when it made investments that led to outsourcing? He says he left Bain in 1999 to rescue the Salt Lake City Olympics. But Securities and Exchange Commission documents show that he was still the CEO on paper after 1999, when the company began outsourcing. Romney says he was in transition and not making day-to-day decisions at Bain. This defense absurdly boils down to saying his company was angelic up until the moment he left, when it turned diabolic. Meanwhile, the Obama campaign accuses Romney of either committing a “felony” by falsifying SEC documents or committing the even greater sin of — gasp! — misleading the American people,” writes AEI’s Jonah Goldberg. (National Review)

Politico’s Arena asks: Should Mitt Romney release several years worth of tax returns and brace for the fallout? Or is he better off keeping them private, even if it provokes more jabs from the Obama campaign and allies? Brookings’ Darrell West answers.

Room for Debate asks: Does ‘Stop and Frisk’ reduce crime. (New York Times)

Google executives say technology can be harnessed to fight drug cartels in Mexico. (Washington Post)

Manhattan Institute’s Diana Furchtgott-Roth: Higher taxes won’t cure what ails us. (Washington Examiner)

AEI’s John Bolton: A sneaky way to control guns. (New York Daily News)

“To put it unkindly, the average child becomes dumber and fatter during the vacation. And although there’s no need to declare war on summer, there’s plenty we could do to combat the seasonal learning loss and weight gain,” writes CFR’s Peter Orszag. (Bloomberg)