Is Paul Ryan an extremist or a pragmatist? “It’s impossible to deny that there has been an ideological component to Ryan’s career in Washington. He has been an articulate spokesman for the idea of smaller, less costly government, and he is perhaps Congress’s best-known advocate of entitlement reform. There is no doubt that in his heart he prefers markets to government control. . . But any effort to paint him as an inflexible ideologue runs up against his demonstrable tendency toward pragmatism,” writes Cato’s Michael Tanner. (National Review)

Are Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan “Drawbridge Republicans?” “Mitt Romney came from wealth and went on to build his own quarter-of-a-billion dollar fortune. Paul Ryan, who has never worked a day in the private sector (outside a few months in the family firm) reports a net worth of as much as $7 million, thanks to trusts and inheritances from his and his wife’s family,” writes CAP’s Matt Miller. (Washington Post)

“So, President Obama’s previous position on gay marriage amounted to hate-mongering? Good to know! In the aftermath of the Family Research Council shooting, Tony Perkins, the group’s president, said that Corkins had been “given a license to shoot” the unarmed building manager by those who labeled the council a ‘hate group,’” writes AEI’s Jonah Goldberg. (National Review)

Will Obama stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions? “Of course, Mr. Obama has created during his presidency the most antagonistic relationship ever between Israel and the White House. Nonetheless, his administration is now embarked on a systematic publicity campaign to persuade Israelis and Americans he will use military force in the long run, if only Israel will refrain from doing so in the short run,” writes AEI’s John Bolton. (Washington Times)

Heritage’s Peter Brookes: Afghanistan mission’s new woes. (New York Post)

Manhattan Institute’s Diana Furchtgott-Roth: A gas price emergency — for America, or for Obama. (Washington Examiner)

Manhattan Institute’s Nicole Gelinas: Cuomo’s big bank heist. (New York Post)

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