Politico’s Arena asks: Is Wednesday’s House vote to repeal “Obamacare” for substance or show? Brookings’ Darrell West answers.

“House Republicans plan to start by once again voting to repeal Obama’s health-care legislation, another opportunity to remind voters about the unpopular law. Senate Democrats plan to hold a test vote on a bill that would give small businesses tax breaks for boosting payrolls, the opening salvo in a long-anticipated election-season fight over which party’s tax cut plan is more likely to help spur job creation,” writes Ed O’Keefe. (Washington Post)

“Mitt Romney is under fire for flip-flopping when he declared that the individual mandate is a tax, after a campaign adviser said it was not. In a front-page story, the New York Times wrote that Romney’s statement “prompted renewed criticism that he was willing to adjust his views for political expediency.”. . . With all respect, if anyone has “adjusted his views for political expediency” or engaged in “ideological gymnastics” in the debate over the individual mandate, it is Barack Obama,” writes AEI’s Marc Thiessen. (Washington Post)

Room for Debate asks: Does a skills gap contribute to unemployment? (New York Times)

“American debates over the war in Afghanistan tend to focus on how fast we can get our troops home and whether we can work with President Hamid Karzai’s government to negotiate a peace deal with the Taliban. But at least as important to whether the country will hold together, and whether a return of the Taliban and al-Qaeda will be prevented, is who will replace Karzai when his term ends in 2014. The United States must do everything possible to ensure a reformer wins that election,” writes Brookings’ Michael O’Hanlon. (Washington Post)

CNAS’ Tom Ricks advocates invoking the draft again in the U.S.: “[H]aving a draft might, as General McChrystal said, make Americans think more carefully before going to war. Imagine the savings — in blood, tears and national treasure — if we had thought twice about whether we really wanted to invade Iraq.” (New York Times)

Study: In 2008, Voter ID laws blocked 1200 votes in two states alone. (ThinkProgress)

Cato’s Mark Calabria: Where was Geithner during LIBOR suppression? (Cato)