Jon Huntsman chats with AEI’s Jim Pethokoukis. (AEI)

Is it time to re-review Huntsman? “One wonders, therefore, if a conservative case could be made for former Utah governor Jon Huntsman, as has been suggested by several conservative columnists recently, including George Will, Jim Pethokoukis, and Joe Scarborough. Indeed, it is interesting that Huntsman was so quickly dismissed as a RINO, when many of his positions actually appear to be to the right of both Romney and Gingrich.” (National Review)

Jon Huntsman reaches out to conservative online community at the Heritage to boost domestic agenda. (Washington Post)

Another case of a Tennessee family’s home burn to the ground while firefighters watch. (ThinkProgress)

It’s not blacks, says Manhattan Institute’s Steve Malanga: “In fact, it is whites who are somewhat more overrepresented in government relative to their position in the broader population, and it is whites who have absorbed the brunt of government layoffs.” (Washington Examiner)

“But despite the sense of hopelessness in Afghanistan, there is progress — and there is a plan. We hardly are guaranteed a successful outcome, and progress on the political and anticorruption fronts is still needed. But our odds of attaining at least the core of our strategic goals are reasonably good if we remain patient over the next three years and work to build up and support the Afghan troops, who will bear responsibility for their nation’s future,” write Center for a New American Security’s John Nagl and Brookings’ Michael O’Hanlon. (Politico)

“Just when we thought Congress would never act to address the nation’s broken immigration system, members of the House made a critical breakthrough, voting overwhelmingly to approve a fix that will make American companies more competitive and the immigration system fairer and more welcoming,” writes New America’s Tamar Jacoby. (LA Times)

Room for Debate asks: How can the U.S. Postal Service serve the public more efficiently? (New York Times)

Peter Orszag: Defined contributions define health care future (Bloomberg)