The revenue and GDP impact of the Rick Perry flat tax plan — now with actual numbers! (AEI)

How is Obama when it comes to hard power? Brookings’ Michael O’Hanlon says, “It is too soon to size up Obama’s overall record because the trajectory of policy in all these theaters is still too hard to predict. But on balance, the president has been resolute, focused and nonideological in his foreign policy — a very pragmatic and fairly impressive record.” (Politico)

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Cato’s Michael Tanner writes that “there has been a 39 percent decline in the number of American millionaires since 2007. Among the so-called super rich, the decline has been even sharper. The number of Americans earning more than $10 million per year has fallen by 55 percent. Perhaps someone should tell the folks in Zuccotti Park: Inequality is actually declining.” (National Review)

Victor Davis Hanson puts together a list of Obama’s targets. (National Review)