Ron Paul’s honesty is still attractive, says Michael Tanner, despite all of this: “Let us stipulate that Ron Paul is a highly imperfect messenger. He has all too frequently trafficked in conspiracy theories; his justifiable caution about government can veer uncomfortably close to paranoia. He has not had a truly convincing explanation for how his name ended up attached to newsletters in the 1980s that contained racist and anti-Semitic writings. And some of his advisers and associates have more than dubious backgrounds.” (National Review)

But Ron Paul’s promises cannot be delivered, writes Jonah Goldberg. (National Review)

Kim Jong Il: Road to ruin. (LA Times)

“Kim Jong Il’s death is inspiring both fear and hope — fear that the event will destabilize an already unpredictable regime, yet hope that his successor, son Kim Jong Un, might turn out to be an improvement over the childish father,” writes CFR’s Stuart Reid. (New York Daily News)

Save the euro, end the Atlantic alliance, says John Bolton. (New York Post)

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