Think tankers on the Sunday talk shows this week:

CNN’s GPS with Fareed Zakaria: Niall Ferguson, Hoover Institution and Harvard University; Jeff Sachs, Columbia University; French philosopher Bernard Henri-Levy; Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball

And the full line-up:

CBS’ Face the Nation: GOP candidate Herman Cain; John Dickerson, Slate

ABC’s This Week: Michele Bachmann (R-MN); Bill Gates; George Will; Cokie Roberts; Ron Brownstein National Journal; Austan Goolsbee, former Obama economic adviser; Dick Armey, former House Majority Leader

NBC’s Meet the Press: David Plouffe, White House senior advisor; Walter Isaacson, author; Tom Brokaw, NBC; Jennifer Granholm, former Governor of Michigan; Mike Murphy, Republican strategist

Fox News Sunday: Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX); Brit Hume, Fox News; Mara Liasson, National Public Radio; Dana Perino, former White House Press Secretary; Juan Williams, Fox News; Senate Chaplain Rear Adm. Barry Black (Ret.)

NBC’s Chris Matthews Show: Andrea Mitchell, NBC; Bob Woodward, The Washington Post; Jon Heilemann, New York Magazine; Katty Kay, BBC

CNN State of the Union with Candy Crowley: Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)