Ahead of next week’s Supreme Court hearings on the Affordable Care Act: “The last time the court spent this much time hearing arguments in a case was in 1966, when it devoted six hours to the case establishing a defendant’s Miranda rights and seven hours to the case that upheld the Voting Rights Act. This decision is likely to be just as momentous” writes Cato’s Michael Tanner. (New York Post)

“The scandal over the repellent way the World Bank president is appointed has obscured an equally scandalous situation: the appointment process of the rest of the senior managers at the bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). They too are selected through opaque, quota-driven negotiations that are a far cry from the meritocracy these two institutions claim to value and preach to others,” write Carnegie’s Dadush and Naim. (Washington Post)

Minimum wage: $100 per hour? (National Review)

Room for Debate asks: Why has Marseille been so quiet? Are we seeing a model of peaceful integration that could be repeated elsewhere in Europe and globally? (New York Times)

Manhattan Institute’s Russell Sykes: Unions vs. New York youth. (New York Post)

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