Supreme Court springs a leak; Leaks to conservative pundits may have started more than a month ago. (ThinkProgress)

“The Supreme Court’s 5–4 decision upholding the Obama administration’s health-care legislation was a victory for the president, his administration, and his party. Their most ambitious legislative achievement has not been nullified, and they are not left in obvious disarray...But it is only a partial victory and in some ways not a victory at all, both in the short run electorally and in the long run in terms of the constitutional order,” writes AEI’s Michael Barone. (National Review)

Obamacare: The final battle. (National Review)

“While the Supreme Court’s upholding of the health-care law was last week’s most important event in historical terms, it will not be the decisive event of the 2012 election. In the long run, polling in swing states suggesting that Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital is hurting him could have larger implications for where this campaign will move,” writes Brookings’ E.J. Dionne. (Washington Post)

“No foreign policy crisis in the world today calls more for a dose of old-fashioned “I like Ike” leadership than Syria. Damascus is one of the world’s worst candidates for direct military intervention by the West. Many of the same toxic dynamics that drove the frenzy of violence in Iraq in 2006 are present in spades in Syria. Indeed, Syria holds every prospect of becoming deja vu Iraq in a very small space,” writes Heritage’s James Carafano. (Washington Examiner)

“The NYPD has taken fire (literally and figuratively) from all fronts lately. But to see how hard it is to keep New Yorkers safe, look at the latest subway-crime stats,” writes Manhattan Institute’s Nicole Gelinas. (New York Post)

Heritage’s Peter Brookes: A bad UN idea on arms deals. (New York Post)

Center for American Progress remembers Olivier Ferrand, newly elected member of the French parliament and founder and president of the progressive think tank Terra Nova. (CAP)

Michele Dunne: Managing the relationship with Egypt. (Washington Post)

CFR’s Steven Cook talks Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood on CNN’s GPS with Fareed Zakaria: