The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, has upheld the individual mandate that is central to President Obama’s health-care law, saying it is permissible under Congress’s taxing authority.

Think tanks left, right and center have been central to the debate. So central to the debate, following the announcement, a few think tank websites crashed or had significant loading problems because of a deluge of traffic from people wanting to know what their preferred institution had to say.

These think tanks have spent significant resources on the matter since Obama introduced the plan in 2009 and are reacting to today’s Supreme Court decision in a variety of ways.

The Heritage Foundation took to Twitter immediately:

Our position hasn’t changed: Repeal #Obamacare! Retweet if you agree! #SCOTUS

— Heritage Foundation (@Heritage) June 28, 2012

However, Third Way, calling the decision a “monumental victory,” released a statement saying, “The fight over this law is over, and it is time for the GOP to throw in the towel. Congress has debated, their Court has rebuffed them, and now we as a country can move forward to tackle new issues affecting our economy and middle class.” But that seems to be antithetical to what Cato warned this week and what House Speaker John Boehner pledges.

One word from Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden, who worked on health care for Hillary Clinton and President Obama. CAP later released this statement.

Cato's Roger Pilon says the decision is just “a bump in the road” and the responsibility “will fall to the people themselves, who’ve opposed this legislation from the beginning, to elect a Congress that stands for restoring limited constitutional government, such that a future Court will be better able to do what this Court should have done.”

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