Syria can’t even rely on Hamas as a friend: “While the ‘Friends of Syria’ were meeting in Tunis last week, Hamas was separately taking its own steps to disavow the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad. In a significant move, Hamas officials announced last Friday - in Egypt as well as in Gaza - its break with the al-Assad regime. Hamas’ strategic realignment affects the Middle East chessboard, both regionally and within Palestinian politics.Hamas’ abandonment of its long-time Alawite backers further deepens the Middle East fault line between the Sunni and Shiite worlds. Hamas has now aligned itself with its Sunni brethren already united against the al-Assad regime,” writes CFR’s Robert Danin. (CNN)

The only route for Syria is that Assad must go: “Not given the choice of limiting their actions to peaceful demonstrations, it is small wonder that opposition to the Assad regime has become more violent. In truth, if Syria is to be spared a destructive and destabilizing civil war, the only hope is to accelerate the departure of Bashar Assad,” writes Dennis Ross. (USA Today)

A post-Assad economy: Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad’s murderous regime could collapse tomorrow or continue with its violent suppression of its people for months or years to come. Either way, the country’s economy is in shambles and will only get worse as Syrians bravely take to the streets to claim their political rights and as the international community imposes more economic sanctions. (Center for American Progress)

Israel’s last chance to strike Iran. (New York Times)

AEI’s Michael Barone doesn’t get young liberal bloggers. (National Review)

It’s a civil right to unionize, write Richard D. Kahlenberg, a senior fellow at the Century Foundation, and Moshe Z. Marvit, a labor and job discrimination lawyer. (New York Times)

AEI’s Danielle Pletka: Hey North Korea! We won’t attack you, but it’s ok if you attack us. Love, Barack Obama (AEI)

Ben Bernanke and Milton Friedman: Ben and Milton are together. Ben is asking Milton a question: “Shall there be action, Master, or depression?” Ben is like Obi-Wan Kenobi to Milton’s Yoda. At first, Milton doesn’t answer. Finally, Milton speaks. “Depression let it be. Deflation it must be.” (Bloomberg)

Room for Debate asks: How can world leaders prevent another humanitarian disaster from taking place in Sudan? (New York Times)

Brookings’ E.J. Dionne: “Maybe Rick Santorum is helping Mitt Romney after all: Santorum’s wacky statements about college and snobbery, along with his upset stomach over a 52-year-old John F. Kennedy speech, are distracting attention from Romney’s extremist economic ideas.

Yes, Romney needs Santorum to keep doing his exotic fan dance on social issues because the stage act diverts everyone (especially journalists) from examining the reactionary and regressive ideas that Romney is cooking up on substantive questions. If Romneyism is what now passes for “moderation” in the Republican Party, no wonder the authentically moderate Olympia Snowe decided to end her distinguished career in the Senate. There is no room anymore for proposals remotely worthy of the moderate label.” (Washington Post)