Room for Debate Asks: Can a few years’ data reveal bad teachers? (New York Times)

“The current system in New York City and across the nation fails to distinguish between the best teachers and the worst ones. Typically, more than 98% of teachers are identified as “Satisfactory” or above according to their official evaluations,” writes Manhattan Institute’s Marcus Winters. (New York Daily News)

Why Jon Huntsman failed. (Washington Post)

After 2008’s hope and change, it’s sober and sane for 2012. (Washington Examiner)

“What I find most fascinating about the debate over corporate personhood is the fact that the people who defend corporate personhood don’t anthropomorphize big business nearly as much as those who oppose it. After all, if Justice Stevens is right about corporations not having beliefs, feelings and desires, why do we hear so much about “corporate greed.” Non-human entities can’t be greedy, can they?” writes AEI’s Jonah Goldberg. (LA Times)

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