9:00 The A.Q. Khan Network and its Fourth Customer with Joshua Pollack; George Perkovich (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

9:45 India as a Global Power: Contending Views from India--an all day conference (Center for a New American Security)

10:00 Citizens United Two Years Later with E.J. Dionne, Brookings Institution and Washington Post; Jeff Clements, Free Speech For People; Melanie Sloan, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington; Monica Youn, NYU; Andrew Blotky, Legal Progress (Center for American Progress)

11:30 An Economic Perspective on the Arab Spring One Year Later with Undersecretary of State Hormats (Stimson Center)

12:00 Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party: Inside an Authoritarian Regime with Joseph Sassoon, Georgetown University; Rochelle Davis, Georgetown University (Woodrow Wilson Center)

12:00 Monument Wars across the Post-Soviet Space as a Conflict of Memories and Cultures with Peter Cheremushkin, journalist (Woodrow Wilson Center)

3:00 The Southern Tiger: Chile’s Fight for a Democratic and Prosperous Future with Ricardo Lagos former president of the Republic of Chile; Thomas Pickering, Brookings; Arturo Valenzuela, Covington and Burling (Brookings)

4:00 Is Foreign Aid Worth the Cost? with Donald M. Payne, United States Congressman (D-NJ); Carol J. Lancaster, Georgetown University; Charles O. Flickner, Jr, former staff director of the House Appropriations Committee’s Subcommittee on Foreign Operations; Rajiv Chandrasekaran, The Washington Post (Woodrow Wilson Center)

5:00 Lessons for a Bi-Partisan Immigration Compromise with Shari Robertson and Michael Camerini, How Democracy Works Now; Michael Clemens, Center for Global Development (Center for Global Development)