If South Carolina picks presidents, who does that favor in the GOP race? (National Review)

“Members of the Tea Party insisted they were turning the GOP into a populist, anti-establishment bastion. Social conservatives have long argued that values and morals matter more than money. Yet in the end, the corporate and economically conservative wing of the Republican Party always seems to win,” writes Brookings’ E.J. Dionne. (Washington Post)

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Hoover’s Timothy Garton Ash on France’s proposal to criminalize denial of the Armenian genocide: “The question is: Should it be a crime under the law of France, or other countries, to dispute whether those terrible events constituted a genocide, a term used in international law? And is the French Parliament equipped and entitled to set itself up as a tribunal on world history, handing down verdicts on the past conduct of other nations? The answer: No and no.” (LA Times)