12:00 Escape from North Korea: The Untold Story of Asia’s Underground Railroad with Melanie Kirkpatrick, Hudson Institute; Jae Ku, Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS); Suzanne Scholte, North Korea Freedom Coalition; Kim Seong-min, Free North Korea Radio, Greg Scarlatoiu, Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (Hudson Institute)

12:30 The Middle East and the Presidential Election: A Live Web Chat with Khaled Elgindy: Khaled Elgindy, Brookings; Vivyan Tran, Politico (Brookings)

1:30 Holding higher education accountable with Ron Wyden, U.S. Senate (D-Ore.); Marco Rubio, U.S. Senate (R-Fla.); Andrew P. Kelly, AEI (AEI)

2:00 Terror and North America: The Causes and Directions of Cross-Border Extremist Activity with John Cohen, Department of Homeland Security; Stephen Flynn, Northeastern University; Christian Leuprecht, Royal Military College of Canada (Wilson Center)

3:00 Zócalo in DC: Can the Next President Put Public Universities Back on Top? with Gene Block, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities; Mary Sue Coleman, University of Michigan; Vartan Gregorian, Carnegie Corporation of New York; David Leonhardt ,The New York Times (New America Foundation)

7:00 Electoral Dysfunction: A Reel Progress Screening with Bennett Singer, Electoral Dysfunction; Anne Johnson, Campus Progress; Tara McGuinness, Center for American Progress (Center for American Progress)