Understanding the Ryan plan: “The striking thing about Paul Ryan’s ascent is the gulf between his proposals and the way the media have characterized them. Since Mitt Romney named Ryan to the ticket on Saturday, the news has been filled with talk of the “ fiscal conservative ” (NPR) “ intent on erasing deficits ” (New York Times) who has become “ the intellectual heart of the Republican Party’s movement to slash deficits” ( The Post). All of this is demonstrably false. Ryan’s con has succeeded largely because Democrats haven’t sensed the political salience of assailing his plans from the right ; instead, they’ve chosen to slam only Ryan’s regressive priorities and Medicare scheme,” writes CAP’s Matt Miller. (Washington Post)

Paul Ryan and the triumph of theory. (Washington Post)

Politico’s Arena asks: Can Paul Ryan boost Romney’s poll numbers. Brookings’ Darrel West answers.

The Romney-Ryan ticket has significance for three reasons, says AEI’s Peter Wallison. (AEI)

Paul Ryan will put issues front and center of the campaign, says AEI’s Michael Barone: “Ryan doesn’t fit some of the standard criteria for vice president. He hasn’t won a statewide election, held an executive position, or become well known nationally or even in much of Wisconsin. . . But more than anyone else, more even than the putative presidential nominee (as impolite as it is to say), Ryan has set the course for the Republican party for the past three years, both on policy and in politics.” (National Review)

Paul Ryan’s liberal fan club: “There is one point on which Democratic strategists and the hard right are united: they fervidly support Mitt Romney’s decision to choose Paul Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin, as his vice-presidential running mate,” writes Thomas Edsall. (New York Times)

Third Way’s Bill Schneider: Can Paul Ryan sell austerity? (Politico)

The 60 Minutes interview with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: