Todd Akin’s cause: “The most telling remark by Missouri Senate candidate Representative Todd Akin was not his inane comment about “legitimate” rape and a woman’s magic uterus, but his claim that he would not drop out of the race because of how important his election is for “the cause.” The polls show him losing by a large margin against one of the Senate’s weakest incumbents, and every major Republican from Mitt Romney on down has repudiated him, but Akin knows that he really is the indispensable candidate. He has “been called,” he says, to lead us,” writes Cato’s Michael Tanner. (National Review)

Mitt Romney’s “pugnacious” policies: “The principal attack came through an editorial on Monday in China Daily, the state-run newspaper, which called Mr. Romney’s policies “an outdated manifestation of a Cold War mentality” that “endorses the ‘China threat’ theory and focuses on containing China’s rise.” (International Herald Tribune)

Politico’s Arena asks: Did Ann Romney’s speech create too much of a contrast between her political style and her husband’s? Was the speech convincing? (Politico)

Steven Hayward on Paul Ryan: “Liberals say they are delighted with the Ryan pick because they can now run the “Mediscare” campaign, but they are not being entirely honest. Beyond the fiscal debate, Ryan can expose progressivism’s unreflective rejection of the principles of the American Founding.” (National Review)

Stop demonizing and start discussing the Ryan plan: “Obama is wrong. “Voucher” does not appear in the Republican plan. And future seniors, beginning in 2023, would continue to have a choice of traditional Medicare, as well as other plans, too,” writes Manhattan Institute’s Diana Furchtgott-Roth. (Washington Examiner)

Room for Debate asks: The monarchies of the Middle East have managed, for the most part, to weather the turmoil that has brought down authoritarian governments in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya and now threatens Syria’s rulers. Why? (New York Times)

Victor Davis Hanosn: Liberal Chickens. (National Review)