Politico’s Arena asks: Should Todd Akin quit his Senate race?

Todd Akin rape comments prompt GOP to pull campaign funding, calls to exit race: “Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the entire GOP national political apparatus launched a swift and relentless crusade against one of their own Monday, seeking to drive Rep. Todd Akin out of the U.S. Senate race in Missouri after his controversial comments on rape and pregnancy threatened the party with widespread political harm.” (Washington Post)

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Israel skinny-dipping could cost GOP seats: “The House class of 2010 has often been compared to the historic class of 1994. Both were large GOP classes which won the Republicans majority control of the House. But the current GOP freshmen don’t seem to have learned the lessons of their predecessors. In 1996, when the class of 1994 ran for re-election - many of the dozen members who were defeated or didn’t return to Washington were those who had acted irresponsibly or been an embarrassment to their constituents,” writes the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Linda Killian. (Politico)

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